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Get automatic machine control for just $6995 and RTK control for just $6500!

Yes with Ditch Assist you can get automatic machine control for your scraper, rotary ditcher, pull dozer, grader, virtually anything with a hydraulic raise/lower function for just $6995 for a limited time! Have you wanted to have an easy to use GPS control system but couldn’t handle the cost of other systems? Ditch Assist will work for you, is easy to use, and can work with our new RTK base and rover system saving you the high cost of unlocking your current system’s RTK functions.

Our system uses an Android tablet to control the system. This means we offer a low cost monitor (average $300 to $350) which will automatically download the latest software every time it’s connected to the internet, never worry about having old software!

The system is very portable and can be set up to easily move between implements and tractors so it can be shared or moved from a ditcher to a pull dozer quickly.

Our new RTK and base station system is designed to work with Ditch Assist seamlessly. The system comes with a tripod to mount the base station on in the field you are working on. It is a one time purchase cost, there are no subscriptions to pay for in the future and it will be as accurate as any RTK system available. Many customers haven’t unlocked RTK systems due to the high cost of the unlocks, but at the same time many customers need RTK accuracy for ditching applications. With RTK systems recently becoming open sourced the cost of these systems have been reduced dramatically, allowing us to create a low cost option for people wanting RTK only for ditching purposes.

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Botterill Sales now distributor for Ditch Assist Grade Control System!

Northern Plains Drainage Systems, creators of the Ditch Assist grade control system, have entered into an agreement with Botterill Sales to be their sole distributor worldwide.
The Ditch Assist system has been gaining attention as a simple, affordable grade control system for scrapers, rotary ditchers, blades, land levelers and any other device using hydraulics to raise and lower. The system includes a proportional valve that mounts to the implement and simply plugs in between the implement lift hoses and the tractor couplers. The Ditch Assist Control Module controls the valve while communicating wirelessly with an Android tablet (not included) in the cab. By using a tablet the operator can use the device for more than just grade control and all software updates are automatically sent out using Google Play.
“I’ve been watching this system for several months now,” says Todd Botterill, President of Botterill Sales,”and I really like how easy they’ve made it to connect and use. It’s a very simple system at a very affordable price!”
The system is designed to work with almost any GPS system on the market today. RTK systems provide the most accuracy but many new subscription based systems have had good results as well.
Botterill Sales will work on expanding the dealer network across Canada and the United States. This will leave the developers at Northern Plains Drainage Systems free to work on increasing the range of machines that the Ditch Assist can be used on. Currently work is being done with bull dozers to bring easier grade control to the construction market as well.
For more information go to or contact Botterill Sales at 204-871-5004.

New WXR720 and 740 Firebolt Log Splitters from Wallenstein

Wallenstein have just released information on their new WXR720 and 740 log splitters. These new splitters use regenerative valve technology to increase cycle speed while maintaining high amounts of power. The new stroke limiter is a simple way to reduce cycle time even more when splitting smaller logs. It’s available in either a horizontal or a horizontal/vertical unit. Check out a video of the new units here!

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